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Sennheiser Memory Mic

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Item specifics

Basic Info Type Microphone
Brand Name Sennheiser
Manufacturer  Sennheiser
Model Name Memory Mic


Pre-polarized condenser microphone
Polar Pattern


approx. 51 x 37 x 16 mm
approx. 30 g


Specifications SPL (at 1 kHz) 119 dB SPL
Noise Level 28 dB(A) SPL
Transmission Bluetooth 4.1 and higher
Frequency Range 100–20,000 Hz


Connectivity  Type Bluetooth
Version 4.1


Battery  Charging Time 70% charge = 1 h
Operating Time 4 hours

Product description

Sennheiser Memory Mic is a compact and innovative microphone designed for seamless recording experiences. With its pre-polarized condenser microphone and omnidirectional polar pattern, this device offers flexibility and convenience in capturing high-quality audio for various applications.

  • Polar Pattern: The pre-polarized condenser microphone features an omnidirectional polar pattern, capturing sound from all directions. This ensures versatile and natural audio recording in any environment.
  • Compact and Lightweight: With dimensions of approximately 51 x 37 x 16 mm and a weight of approximately 30g, the Memory Mic is compact and lightweight, providing easy portability and unobtrusive use.

  • High SPL Handling: The microphone can handle sound pressure levels up to 119 dB SPL at 1 kHz, allowing it to capture audio in various scenarios without distortion.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The Memory Mic utilizes Bluetooth version 4.1 for wireless connectivity, enabling easy pairing with compatible devices for convenient and cable-free recording.

  • Long Battery Life: With a quick charging time of 70% in 1 hour, the Memory Mic offers an operating time of up to 4 hours, ensuring extended use for recording sessions without interruption.

Sennheiser Memory Mic stands out for its omnidirectional polar pattern, compact design, high SPL handling, Bluetooth connectivity, and efficient battery life. Ideal for on-the-go recording and situations where traditional microphones may be impractical, this device provides a user-friendly solution for capturing quality audio with ease.

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Sennheiser Memory Mic

$300.00 AUD

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