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Sony IER-M9 In-ear Monitor Headphones

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Item specifics

Basic Info Type Headphone
Brand Name  Sony
Model Name IER-M9


General Headphone Type Closed, Penta Balanced Armature
Weight Approx. 9.0g


Body Form Factor In Ear
Colors Black


Specifications Driver Unit Penta Balanced Armature
20ohms(at 1kHz)
Frequency Response  5Hz-40000Hz
Sensitivities 103dB / mW


Connectivity Connectivity Wired
Cable type Detachable cable
Cable length 4.4mm
Connector L-shaped non-magnetic gold-plated stereo mini plug, L-shaped non-magnetic gold-plated balanced standard plug


More Info Cord Type Y-type
Cord Length  Approx. 1.2m, silver-coated OFC strands

Product description

The IER-M9 In-Ear Monitor Headphones from Sony are designed to stay firmly in place so you can capture all of the emotions you express in every performance. Built with five balanced armature drivers, a magnesium super tweeter, an audio-grade film capacitor for less distortion, and accurate tonal balance, they are designed for musicians to deliver a natural sonic experience in live stage and rehearsal applications.

The IER-M9's integrated magnesium inner housing reduces vibration and the pre-formed ear hanger provides easy positioning and stays fit in your ears. 3.5 and 4.4mm silver-coated, oxygen-free copper cables are included, each with a natural silk-braid cable insulator and a non-magnetic undercoat plug. The IER-M9 in-ear monitors deliver less sound degradation, finer detail, and natural reproduction of musical expression.

Discover a Realm of Musical Expression
On stage, the IER-M9 in-ear monitor headphones reproduce raw emotion and musical nuance.
Reproduce Every Performance
With a penta balanced armature system, including magnesium diaphragm super tweeter, integrated magnesium inner housing, and an optimized sound path, the headphones faithfully reproduce the subtlest sounds and emotions.
Penta Balanced Armature System
For clean high notes, natural tones, and pure emotion behind every performance, the IER-M9 balanced armature system drives the diaphragm for a more linear motion for cleaner high notes.
Balanced Armature Driver Units
The T-shaped balanced armature directly drives the diaphragm for a more linear motion and cleaner sound.
Magnesium Diaphragm Super Tweeter
The IER-M9 super tweeter diaphragm is made of a lightweight and rigid magnesium alloy and delivers a fast dynamic transient in performance. The BA unit design benefits from low resonance because of high internal loss. The internal wiring is upgraded with a silver-coated copper voice coil and gold-plated terminals. This helps reproduce sound without sacrificing micro signals, so pitch, harmonics, and emotion are portrayed.
Audio-Grade Film Capacitor for Less Distortion
The film capacitor in the crossover circuit delivers lower distortion and detailed sound. In addition, audio-grade solder helps to minimize any loss in the signal path.
Integrated Magnesium Inner Housing
The rigid housing keeps the balanced armature units firmly in place, helping to eliminate vibration to keep the sound clear and natural.
Optimized Sound Path
A wide and short sound path made of magnesium alloy reduces frequency peaks and dips. This provides a monitor sound you can rely on for critical listening accuracy.
Balanced Connection
A 4.4mm standard balanced connection cable separates left and right sound signals. This minimizes crosstalk that results in sound deterioration. Also included is a 3.5mm stereo mini cable.
Silver-Coated OFC
The silver-coated, oxygen-free copper wire minimizes resistance and signal-transmission loss. The result is less sound degradation, finer detail, and smoother treble sounds.
Detachable Cable
The cable is fully detachable so you can replace it if needed, or fine-tune your monitor sound through a different cable.
Silk Braid and Non-Magnetic Undercoat Plug
The IER-M9 uses silk braid as a cable insulator. This fiber works as an absorber against vibration and prevents rustling or bumping noises when you touch the cord. The gold-plated plug has a non-magnetic undercoat that transfers the signal with subtle nuances.
Preformed Ear Hanger
The IER-M9 in-ear headphones fit your ears through the shaped ear hanger so each earbud stays in the right position.
13 Pairs of Eartips
These in-ear monitors come with six triple-comfort and seven hybrid-silicone eartips. This allows you to find a snug fit for all kinds of ear shapes. It combines hard silicone rubber and specially developed formed silicone, which match the sound with stability and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
Light, Durable Magnesium Outer Housing
The IER-M9 housing offers a stable fit and is durable against knocks or accidents.
Stable Fit
Designed to stay firmly in place, the IER-M9 in-ear monitors have a firm fit for all ear sizes even while moving on the stage.

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Sony IER-M9 In-ear Monitor Headphones

$1,653.00 AUD

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