MyMobile HK Direct Import Products

What are Import Direct products?

In addition to selling Australian-sourced product, this website also sells Import Direct products. Import Direct products are products supplied from internationally-based distributors and shipped directly to end customers from overseas rather than from the manufacturer’s Australian locally-licensed importer. Products on the website that are supplied through MyMobile Hong Kong will be market clearly as Direct Import to show the product will be directly imported to the customer from Hong Kong. Products acquired from the manufacturer’s locally-licensed Australian importer will be clearly marked as Australian A-Tick stock.

Australian stock products usually come with a local warranty from the manufacturer. Because the Australian branch of the manufacturer did not import the stock, our Import Direct products mostly do not have a manufacturer’s warranty, but do come with a voluntary 12 month warranty provided by the MyMobile Group.

Import Direct products are not illegal, inferior, factory seconds or demo stock. In fact, in almost every instance they are identical in form and function to their Australian stock counterpart. But please be aware that as stock is sourced from around the globe, it is not uncommon for the device needing to be configured for English or packaging seals to be broken or removed. There are various reasons why packaging may be opened such as; to inspect package contents, check for the need for any power-adaptors, to network-unlock devices, etc. Be assured that devices are still Brand New and have not been used in any other way.

Pricing of Import Direct products is listed in Australian dollars and are inclusive of any applicable taxes such as GST.


Why is My Mobile offering Import Direct products?

Simply, our customers have been asking for it, either for access to the many models normally available in Australia, or because of the cost-benefit of international pricing. Our research has shown that many of our customers are also buying their electronics and accessories from overseas websites, but would prefer the security and supplort of a local Australian business. The boom in online shopping and the Australian consumers thirst for the latest products at the best prices has lead to improved supply-chain logistics globally. Together with the strong Australian dollar, it is now time and cost efficient enough to make these Import Direct products available to our customers. The additional benefit to our customers is our Australian-based company will provide local support on behalf of our international partner.