Samsung's new flagship is worth mega-bucks,
and here's the two main reasons why:

1) Screen/Body Ratio:

The S8 has an exceptionall good screen-to-body ratio. The top and bottom bezels are much smaller than in most other devices, and the result is what Samsung calls "Ininity Display". So now you don't need an super-large phone, just to get a large screen. Just compare them to the old S7 and S7 Edge below:

2) DeX Station:

This little stand is a docking station to hookup your S8 or S8+ to a monitor, effectively emulating a full-blown desk-top PC. First reports suggest pretty close to a Windows 10 experience. While its been done before with mixed results, we are pretty exited about this, as it would be a major step towards bridging the gap between desktop and ultimate portability.

Otherswise, most other spcifications and designs are pretty much in-line with what you would expect in an incremental step up to a next generation device: Faster processors, more this, better that. Most pleasing to see the headphone jack remaining, as well as water and dust resistance and expandable memory. Special mention should me made of Samsung's new user interface, GraceUX, running on Android 7.0 Nougat, and replacing their old much debated TouchWiz UI. So far we've heard caustious mumbles of approval only.

So there yuou have it: If you're in the market for an up-market mobile phone that makes some big strides into new territory, the S8 or S8+ might be worth a clos look.